Online Marketing can be hard to deal with. Here at Auburn Chiropractic we were wondering for the longest time, why wasn’t our online presence increasing, why weren’t we having more customers, and why wasn’t our review system at its peak to where it could be. When we first heard about SEO and it’s capabilities it was hard to stand behind it’s guaranteed promise of more online traffic and sales. Once we got into contact with the Ascend Marketing team, they were able to break things down for us, explain what we were getting into and reassure us of the service we would be receiving.

Creating our website was such an easy process through Ascend. We were a part of the creative process, and saw the website come from the ideas and desires that we originally had. The Online Marketing portion was explained to us to where we could understand what we were getting into. It wasn’t overnight that we saw such a great change in our business. At first when the website was done, and the marketing for the SEO was implemented we expected an over the night surge. The promise of getting on the first page of Google and having increased traffic on our site kept us hopeful.

Over time we saw in increase online and more and more phone calls kept coming through asking about our business. This led to more people in our doors, receiving treatment to real problems and helping our business thrive. Now we rank on the first page of google in a number of different categories, allowing those in the Auburn and now Federal Way area get in contact with us and through those doors! Please give Micah Valentine a call or look up Ascend Marketing for your online marketing and website development needs. If they show you the same work and skills they showed us, your website and business will be booming in no time!